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Whether you wish to establish a business providing music therapy services yourself, know someone who is planning to visit a music therapist and want understand what is involved, or are a musician who wishes to move into the therapy industry, the Music Therapy Course is for you.

Although very briefly explained above, the materials in the Music Therapy Course begins by giving an in-depth explain of what music therapy is, what music therapists do and how they do it. This also includes how it is used, and who and what it can help people with (such as aiding those with depression, anxiety, dementia, insomnia and autism, to name but a few), as well as giving a brief history of the practice. Here students are guided through an exercise that with help them to understand what it is like for a client undergoing music therapy; giving a practical, first-hand experience.

The Music Therapy Course jumps straight into guiding students through the various models of music therapy and the different approaches that people in the profession take. This shows the breadth of what music therapy can treat by utilising varying techniques, depending on the client and their condition. As music therapy has deep historical roots, the module goes on to discuss the contemporary frameworks and the different types of music used in order to treat various conditions.

This type of treatment is less rigid than some and it is the job of the music therapist to adapt to individual clients and what they respond to, this module discusses the importance of flexibility in this role. Also discussed here are song writing, and how this can be useful, sample activities that students can try out, and the use of improvisation in music therapy.

Students learn about the different mental health and behavioural issues that music therapy can be used to treat, and lists the advantages of using this therapy for treatment.

As previously mentioned, music therapy has been around for a very long time. This said, there is still a lot of current research going on in this area. The course talks about the use of music therapy in the relief of pain and the research that has taken place in this area.

The Music Therapy Course provides a small summary of each module and provides some next steps that students can take on the journey to becoming a music therapist.


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