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Personal trainers assess the wants and needs of their clients with regard to health and fitness.

They measure clients’ present fitness levels and design fitness programmes and regimes which are tailored to each individual. Providing a comprehensive service, the therapist is a motivator, nutrition advisor, lifestyle consultant, and fitness instructor.

The areas of personal training and the fitness industry in general, have grown massively over the past decade. The exercise continuum from Joe Public to the elite athlete has drawn attention from the media, with key issue such as obesity, general health implications at one of the scope and elite athleticism being at the other end.

According to the Department of Health, physically active individuals have a 20-30 % reduced risk of premature death and up to 50% reduced risk of coronary related diseases. This compelling statistic highlighted the need for increased activities level in the UK amongst all age groups. These patterns of activity/inactivity are set in early life and can influence health throughout our lives.  Therefore, as a fitness instructor it is a part of your remit to encourage safe, constructive and enjoyable activities to create a successful uptake into an exercise program. Code of Practice and Ethics  are the corner stone or foundations of good practice within the fitness industry.

This course has the following modules/ units and is assessed at the end of each module via a short test. Every unit must be passed with at least six out of 10 questions being answered correctly. There is an overall examination at the end of the course, with 60% being the pass mark. Any examination marks that fall below 60%; you will receive feedback and will be referred by an internal moderator and the test will have to be retaken to obtain a pass mark. There are no additional costs to re-take the examination. This online course and examination is all studied from home.

This course will take you up to 200 hours to complete working from home.

This Online Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma Course will give you a deep and broad understanding of the key skills, components and techniques of Fitness, which will provide you with a sound knowledge base whether you are a novice looking to become a Personal Fitness Trainer, an existing Personal Fitness Trainer or Instructor, Coach, Teacher, or if you are simply looking to learn about fitness for your own personal learning and development.

About Our Personal Fitness Trainer Course:

Our Center developed Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma course covers the aspects of personal training essential to providing a professional and knowledgeable service. Testing, evaluation, and progression form an integral part of the course.

What Could I Do After Taking This Fitness Training Course?

After completing this course you may wish to continue your training to build a platform for your career. If you wish to increase your responsibilities and build your personal training career, you could enrol on our Fitness Instructor Level 2 or Personal Fitness  Trainer Level 3 class room based qualification (to enrol on the Personal training Level 3 course you need to have completed the Fitness Instructor Level 2 as an entry requirement.)

Entry Requirements:

There are no formal entry requirements, this course takes you from complete beginner in Personal Fitness Training.


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