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The Pregnancy Massage Course will give you both the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to provide safe, relaxing, and beneficial prenatal massage to expectant mothers.

Not only will students learn the techniques used to provide effective treatment but they will also gain an in-depth understanding of pregnancy massages and how to start a business using these new skills.

Pregnancy massage (or prenatal massage, as it is also known) differs from other kinds of massage; it is important to know the differences and how it is unique. The start of the course outlines this, as well as informing students of the best time during pregnancy to start prenatal massage and how it can help in different ways through the three trimesters of pregnancy, including how it can help not just the mother, but also the baby.

From the Pregnancy Massage Course, students will gain an understanding of the anatomical and emotional changes the mother-to-be will undergo during her pregnancy, which will help in deciding which techniques are best for the individual. Also discussed, are the benefits of pregnancy massage in comparison to medication.

From this base of knowledge, the course moves into the practical aspect of massage. This includes information on the different types of massages that can be performed on a pregnant woman, how to do them, and the advantages of each technique. In addition, other complementary therapies are discussed, such as acupuncture and aromatherapy, and how these can be used alongside massage for the benefit of the client and the additional revenue it will bring to the business.

Armed with theoretical knowledge and practical techniques to provide prenatal massages and additional therapies, the remainder of the Pregnancy Massage Course focusses on providing students with information on how to start a business. You will be given crucial expert advice on how to start and maintain your business, how to set up a therapy room, and points to keep in mind when choosing a clinic, whether you aim to start in your home, join another clinic, or find your own premises.

There is a myriad of ways to market your business, from traditional to modern means. This course gives an overview on a number of the ways that you can increase the exposure of your business and gain more clients. Also discussed are the ways that you can operate, other services and products you can provide, and other ways of gaining exposure that will give you an edge over the competition.

The final module of the Pregnancy Massage Course summarises what has been learned throughout the course. This gives students the opportunity to not only feel a sense of accomplishment for all they have learned but to also ensure they have retained the information and to highlight areas that they may need to go over again. Here students are also given eight steps to follow, to help them on their way to opening their own business in the industry.


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