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The Shamanic Healing/Energy Healing Diploma Course provides students with an in-depth and detailed knowledge of this method of healing, targeting all the aspects you will need to understand and become proficient at in order to start practicing this technique.

The course begins with an insightful introduction to Shamanic healing and the basic method involved, you will learn the fundamentals of the practice of shamanism. Covering areas of: history and origins, benefits, and comparisons with other healing methods.

Students will learn about types of shamans and the different types of healings, including the technical details of each method and what they are used for.

This course highlights what it takes to become a shaman, the pre-requisites, the tools needed to practice, and even how your beliefs will change once you embody the role.

Shamanism is about connecting with, and using the power delegated by, spirits. It is therefore fundamentally important for a shaman to have a deep connection with the spiritual world and have a strong understanding of the spiritual nature of the method used. You will grow to understand and practice journies into the spiritual realm. You will use techniques and skills, such as meditation and recording dreams, to become a master of the spiritual world.

Shamanic Healing/Energy Healing Diploma Course provides insight into where shamanic healing is used, in the body, mind, and soul ensuring you have all the necessary information to hand before beginning your journey.

Finally, the course gives insights into setting up your own shamanic healing practice and marketing the business.


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