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The Speed Reading Diploma Course provides instruction in speed reading techniques, with a full range of approaches to improving reading speed and increasing comprehension.

The result of learning these techniques is that students will be able to gain extra focus and control, which will aid in academia, professional life, business, and personal development.

Each module of the course is set up to align students with clearly set, real-world goals, achieved by working through and regularly practising techniques. These start early on in the course and continue through, enabling constant practice. To ensure students gain understanding and get results, the course includes worksheets and practice exercises, and key concepts are illustrated with examples throughout.

An introduction to speed reading, providing definitions and stating its significance in various aspects of life, as well as giving a brief history of the subject, with information on its advocates, researchers, and place in contemporary life.

Additionally, you will learn advantages gained by learning speed reading and applications for these skills. We will look at the trade-off between speed and comprehension, and how to decide which is the most important at which times.

The learning curve of the Speed Reading Diploma Course will be different for each individual. Looking at key factors influencing the learning curve of this course, but that no matter the initial starting level, with a reasonable amount of time designated and consistent effort, almost anyone can become a speed reader. We help you understand your own goals for the course.

You will understand the sequential progression providing the blueprint for cultivating a full understanding of speed reading. Students will learn how to preview texts for a quick overview of the main points. The importance of pre-viewing texts and how to get the maximum value from this skill before reading the entire text.

Students will learn through timing their reading, with and without using the techniques learned, and checking gains in speed, whilst retaining comprehension. Also, highlighted is how to adapt to various texts, knowing when to slow down to gain comprehension with complex texts or speed up to get through other texts quicker.

‘Skimming’ is explained, it includes how to use annotation to make it quicker to skim text again and using repetition to make gains. The course takes this concept further, teaching how to improve comprehension further, and culminates in 3 practice passages, to work through, using the methods taught.


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