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If you ever fancied becoming the next J.K Rowling and writing a series of Best Selling Children's Books or you just quite fancy learning about the processes and techniques involved in writing for children - then this course is for you!

This comprehensive course takes you from a complete beginner in writing and covers the many aspects of publishing, focusing on those all-important writing techniques, right through to how to get an agent and build your author’s platform.

The course provides you with all of the information required to be able to write books which are suitable for your chosen age range, and offers you helpful tips and in-depth information to help your journey towards publication be smooth and productive.

This course also provides you with the tools to:

·      Create three-dimensional characters

·      Learn the secrets to great storytelling

·      Write an in-depth outline

·      Cope with rejections

·      Set productive goals

·      Develop the writer within

·      Write opening paragraphs

·      Close a chapter successfully

·      Write picture books

·      Sell picture books

·      Write horror stories

·      Write adventure stories

·      Write middle grade stories and more


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