Meditation: How to Relax in 3 Minutes or Less

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This course is designed to show you How to Relax in 3 Minutes or less. With just 3 simple exercises you will feel relaxed, restored and rejuvenated.

Yogi Akal is a world renowned speaker, activist, teacher, counsellor, and healer, who has been helping people achieve optimal wellness and success since 1973. Yogi Akal is recognised as the world Master of Yogic Numerology and has put his experience and expertise into these courses to help you learn how to relax in the most effective ways.

In this course you will learn within 3 sections:

  • Three Techniques to Help You Relax
  • How to Increase Intuition – The Sound of Water Meditation
  • Guided Relaxation with the Colour Blue

Enrol today and learn to relax in 3 minutes of less!


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