Salesforce - Training Course (Introduction & Intermediate Level)

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About the course

This course is available to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of all the features and elements that lie within Salesforce.

Course Units

Introduction to Salesforce Automation

  • Course and Instructor Introduction
  • What is Salesforce Automation?
  • Salesforce Automation System Overview
  • Why Salesforce?

Working with the Salesforce System

  • Creating Accounts and Contacts
  • Creating Leads and Opportunities
  • Sales Process
  • Leads Through Social Channels

Salesforce Solution

  • Core Problem
  • Managing Accounts
  • Badges and Campaigns
  • Custom Apps

Salesforce Admin

  • Introduction to RDBMS
  • Introduction to The Cloud
  • Introduction to Virtual Machines
  • Salesforce Development
  • Introduction to Building in the Cloud
  • Salesforce Set Up

Migrating to Salesforce

  • Tasks to Complete Before Migration
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Course Conclusion

  • The Salesforce Solution
  • Conclusion

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