Official Adobe Dreamweaver (ACA) Complete Training & Certification Programme

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Course Units

  • Setting Up Dreamweaver and Planning Your Website
  • Handling Text and Fonts
  • Images, Rollovers and Hotspots
  • Using CSS in Dreamweaver
  • Designing Accessible Tables
  • How to Write HTML and CSS
  • Adding Interactivity to Your Website
  • Working with Templates
  • Testing and Publish Your Website
  • Identifying Audience Needs
  • Creating a Wireframe in Dreamweaver CS6
  • Copyright Rules and Accessibility Options and Standards
  • Setting Up a Site Using Adobe – Exchange, Design Consistently, Preview Your Page, Maintain Page Structure, Use a Horizontal Rule, Edit for CSS Code and Plan with a Flowchart
  • Preference Options, Dreamweaver Workspaces and Working with Assets and Files Panels
  • Editing an Existing Site and Keep Your Website up-to-date
  • Dreamweaver CC Interface and its Settings, Tools and Preferences
  • Web Page Layout Basics and How to Add Elements to a Page while Maintaining Functionality
  • Adding a Navigation Menu and Creating an Index Page
  • Adding Pages and Linking Internal Pages
  • Uses of Headers, Metadata and Keywords
  • Create a Style Sheet using CSS
  • How to Integrate Audio with the Page and Using Tables within Audio Player
  • Incorporate Adobe Flash and HTML5 Videos
  • Concept of Fluid Layouts and Third Party Extension

The course and certification package will provide students with a training solution that will combine all the knowledge needed to pass the Adobe Dreamweaver examination and the examination itself, all in one place.
• Setting Project Requirements
• Planning Site Design and Page Layout
• Understanding the Adobe Dreamweaver Interface
• Adding Content by Using Dreamweaver
• Organising Content by Using Dreamweaver
• Evaluating and Maintaining a Site by Using Dreamweaver

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