Official Adobe Flash (ACA) Complete Training & Certification Programme

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Course Units

  • Navigating the Flash Interface
  • Using Guides and Rulers
  • Drawing and Modifying Shapes in Flash
  • Applying Gradients and Mixing Colours
  • Characteristics of Symbols, the Button Library and Learn to Create and Edit Symbols
  • Importing Photos from Illustrator, Photoshop and Bitmap
  • Basic Text Techniques
  • Animation Basics
  • Adding Controls to Videos
  • Publishing and Exporting Flash Documents
  • Developing a User Interface with Flash Lite
  • How to Build a Mobile Game
  • Loading Dynamic Data Through XML Socket Connections
  • How to Create and Send XML Node Messages
  • Loading Flash Lite Applications on a BREW Device
  • How to Work with Sound and Video and Test for Video Capabilities
  • Using Flash Catalyst CS5.5 to Create Appealing User Interfaces
  • Creating Resizable Applications
  • The Flash Catalyst Interface
  • Editing Common Button Components
  • How to Edit and Customise Designs and Optimise Artwork
  • Animating User Interactions
  • How to Add Sound, Video and Flash
  • Creating a Skinnable Components to Use Flash Builder
  • Transferring FXP and FXPL Files Between Builder and Catalyst
  • Setting Up Banners, Navigation Buttons, Video Times and Image Galleries
  • Publishing Your Project and How to Publish for Browsers and Desktop

This package will fully prepare you for and provide you with the Adobe Flash ACA examination so you can demonstrate your proficiency using the Adobe digital communications tools.

  • Setting project requirements
  • Identifying interactive media design elements
  • The Adobe Flash Professional Interface
  • Building interactive elements with Flash Professional

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