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The CeMAP qualification is accredited by the LIBF and they provide the knowledge, skills and qualifications for people to flourish in today’s financial world. CeMAP is specific to the UK and meets the regulatory standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Once you have completed the CeMAP® qualification (or a suitable FCA approved QCF Level 3 equivalent) you will be ready to offer your professional mortgage advice services.

CeMAP is recognised by employers in the finance industry including banks, building societies and estate agents, it is a mark of excellence and meets FCA examination standards for providing advice on mortgage products and laws.

The course will coach students through all papers of the CeMAP® qualification which is split into three parts:

CeMAP® Paper 1 – Units 1 & 2:

  • Explore various products from cash savings through to investments and protection as well as pensions.
  • Covers all legal aspects including all laws, insurance policies and contracts.
  • Covers UK regulation, which involves creating rules to promote ethics within financial services by aiding firms and people who work in the industry.

CeMAP® Paper 2 – Units 3 - 6:

  • Policies and practices that affect mortgages
  • Mortgage Laws
  • Insurance Policies
  • Post completion issues and arrears
  • Complete sales process in relation to mortgage advising

CeMAP® Paper 3 - Unit 7:

Test your understanding of the technical details to assess your ability to apply the knowledge covered.

Tutor Support

We provide you with tutor support throughout your 12-month course access period. Your tutor will be available to you 24/7 and can provide guidance through the course and professional advice to help you through any potential issue you may come across. The tutor support is provided so we can ensure you have the best chance of passing your CeMAP examinations.

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