Anatomy & Physiology for Beauty Therapists

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About the course

A beauty orientated anatomy and physiology course, which provides a detailed tuition of the human body relating to the treatments and procedures dominating today's beauty industry. You will learn about the structure of the skin, hair, hands and feet as well as the principles and functions of the excretory, digestive, olfactory, respiratory and endocrine systems.

The instructor for this course is Elaine Burns, a professional makeup artist who's work has been featured in such publications as Vogue Italia, Stylist Magazine and Spectrum Magazine. She has also been interviewed for The Telegraph, The Guardian, The National, The Evening Times, Inside Retail, Women Enterprise Scotland, Business Advice, Press & Journal, Enterprise Nation, Extreme Creations, Small Business.

This course is suited for students interested in biology and anatomy. It is also intended for those passionate about beauty and wants to learn about the physiological elements of prominent beauty treatments. It would act as a suitable guide for students wanting to pursue a career in beauty treatment and want to learn more bout the physical processes.


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