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Includes 84 lectures and 9 hours of video content as well as supplementary handouts and audio meditations. Use the four major elements, fire, earth, water, and air, to enhance your being and lifestyle. Teaches you about the Gods and Goddesses, as well as rites and rituals and where to perform them Learn how to work with astrology and the Lunar calendar to enhance your magical abilities. This course is specifically intended for students interested in spiritual growth, performing magic and engrossing themselves in Wicca and Witchcraft. A vibrant and enchanting bundle that will explore the history of Wicca and teach you how to perform rituals, spells, and magic whilst pursuing spiritual empowerment. Learn how to create a sacred place and use the four elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air and how to control subtle energies that impact physical reality. The Wicca and Witchcraft course will introduce you to magic and help you to pursue spiritual growth and empowerment, through the ancient craft. You will learn about the rich and animated history of the Wiccan tradition and how you can practice it today. Discover how to perform rituals, spells and enchantments while paying homage to the Gods and Goddesses, using the lunar cycle and seasonal calendar. The second course aims to open your mind to the practice of Witchcraft. Learn about the phenomenal elements; Air, Fire, Water and Earth and how you can utilise them to cast spells, recite invocations and become whole and in unison with life. Watch practical video demonstrations in creating rituals and forming sacred spaces by studying the fundamentals of magic.  


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