Acrylic Painting: Italian Scene

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Create an entire painting in one sitting Understand Impressionism and why it is so powerful Understand how light works to make things look the way they do, and how to translate that into your paintings Understand the concepts of Drawing, Values, Colour, and Edges Learn the value of brushwork. So much can be said with so few brushstrokes. Apply all of these concepts to let your own personal style develop   More Info Acrylic or oil impressionist painting with a focus on light whilst bringing a luminous quality to your paintings you’ve never thought possible. Learn how to start from scratch building a painting in one sitting, “alla prima”, and how to savour interesting brushwork. You will also learn the invaluable concepts of drawing, value, colour, and edges. Use these methods and knowledge to start your painting off right if you're a total beginner, or to take your painting style to the next level if you're more experienced. You’ve never painted like this before! You can paint along with the instructor during this entire course. There are multiple camera angles that shows the artist’s palette as colours are being mixed. You will learn crucial painting techniques in the process of creating a beautiful painting. The photo being referenced is provided, as well as a materials list. You're free to use your own style of materials of course, but there’ll be a list of every single thing used. Also provided is a PDF flipbook showing each stage of the painting, so you can flip through quickly and see how the painting builds with each stage.


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