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Are you interested in learning the stories of the universe? Have you ever wondered what the purpose of the constellations, the zodiac, and the alignments of the sky means for those of us on Earth? Furthermore, would you like to acquire the skills necessary to translate the imprint of the night sky through adopting your own sky watching techniques and obtaining a greater understanding of the science of Astronomy?

Our Astronomy and Sky Watching Online Course is for individuals who:

  • have a curiosity of the solar system and how the universe works
  • would like to be able to identify major star patterns such as The Big Dipper, Ursa Major, The Northern Cross, and more
  • demonstrate an interest in the history, theories, and topics in Astronomical studies
  • would like to look at the night sky and differentiate among the many mysterious structures of comets, planets, asteroids, and more
  • want to become further educated in how the acts of the universe impact life on Earth

It is very easy for humans to feel that our space and time on Earth’s surface is limited and fairly simple, with our own world feeling small and enclosed to the place in which we were born, raised, and travel. However, one instance of looking up at the night’s sky will remind any one of us that beyond our planet, there is a greater, more expansive, and tumultuous universe in existence. An interest and thirst for knowledge about the solar system is not restricted to age, location, race, or religion. Anyone who has ever experienced the beauty of the night sky is reminded that there is an entire history of the universe within the blueprint that the stars, planets, and various rock formations have outlined for us.

For novice stargazers, making sense of how the moon, constellations, planets, and zodiac all interact can seem quite confusing and overwhelming. This online course, however, is designed with the non-professional, amateur astronomer in mind. Upon completion of this course, students can enjoy the sky at night with a greater understanding of how the universe impacts us all, be able to tell engaging stories about the history of the planets, and easily be able to identify, some with the naked eye and some with astronomers equipment, the various structures of the solar system.

With the universe being roughly 13 billion years old, there is an endless amount of information one can gain about the activities of the galaxies. This course will work as a condensced, user-friendly, and applicable guide and blueprint to your own personal endeavors of exploring the night sky. Become trained in the basic concepts of Astronomy, impress your family and friends with your knowledge of the vast universe, and use your new expertise in stargazing at the beautiful night sky and all it has to offer. Sign up for our online course in Astronomy and Sky Watching today!


Course Modules:

Module 1: The Night Sky

  • What is Astronomy?
  • A brief history of Astronomy
  • Branches of Astronomy
  • Astronomical phenomena
  • Basics of the Celestial Sphere
  • Becoming an amateur sky watcher
  • How to read the night sky
  • Stargazing equipmen
Module 2: The Moon and Planets
  • Facts about the moon
  • Lunar phases
  • Observing the moon
  • The planets of the solar system
  • Planetary facts
  • Identifying characteristics to observe planets
  • Dwarf planets
Module 3: Meteors, Comets, and Asteroids
  • Characteristics of meteors, comets, and asteroids
  • Observing meteor showers
  • Haily’s Comet and other famous cases
  • Identifying “shooting stars” and other comets
  • The dangers of Asteroids
  • How to view evidence of asteroids in the night sky
Module 4: The Stars and Zodiac
  • Facts about stars
  • Star formation
  • Star clusters and supernova
  • Identifying the constellations
  • The 13 Zodiac constellations
  • Astronomy vs. Astrology
Module 5: A Greater Understanding of the Universe
  • Black holes
  • The Milky Way
  • Galaxies
  • The Big Bang
  • Extrasolar life forms
  • Sighting mysterious activity in the night sky


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