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Dealing with money is an essential part of life in our society. Everyone uses it, everyone needs it. Yet many people consider money to be at the heart of their biggest problems. But money does not have to be a problem, it does not even need to be a solution. If you can find a balanced relationship with money, you may find that some of your stresses and worries disappear overnight, without a pay raise.

Learning how to manage and budget your money has never been more important. When you learn how to make your money work with you, you can:

  • Help make the money you have go further
  • Stop working so many extra hours to cover your seemingly unending expenses
  • Develop a relationship with money that is not based on fear or greed
  • Start saving successfully for short term goals like vacations
  • Plan for your future with long term savings
  • Take back control of your life

International Open Academy is made up of a truly international team who bring a lot of different life experiences to the table. This is important because nobody approaches money and finance the same way- nor should we! Everyone has different wants, needs, desires, goals and expectations for their life. But this course offers an opportunity to take important lessons and apply them to your own life.

Real-word experience from real people

This course combines the experience of people who wanted to stop working for their money and take control of their life. They all learned that the best way to solve your money problems is not to make more money. The best way to solve your problems is to change the way you look at money.

Don’t let your bank balance control your life. Gain financial freedom by starting on the Smart Home Budgeting course today.


Course Modules:

Module 1: Learning How to Budget

  • Building a Health Relationship with Money
  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Learning How to Save
  • Keeping It Flexible
Module 2: Understanding Where Your Money Goes
  • Fixed Costs
  • Monthly Costs
  • Non-Monthly Costs
  • Flexible Spending
Module 3: The Self- Assessment
  • Getting Organized
  • Money In vs. Money Out
  • Optimizing Your Budget for Your Financial Goals
  • Dealing with Debt
Module 4: Creating the Budget
  • Why You Are Writing It Down
  • Creating a Worksheet
  • Monthly Budgets vs. Yearly Budgets
  • Tools and Resources for Organizing Your Budget
Module 5: Strategies for Sticking to Your Budget
  • Assess and Reassess
  • Strategies for Responsible Spending
  • Preparing for Unexpected Costs
  • Budgeting for the Long Term


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