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Becoming a Mom for the first time is arguably the most exhilarating, fulfilling, rewarding and challenging experience you’ll go through. You’re about to enter a whole world of new experiences you may know little about. You probably have hundreds of questions, like:

What’s normal in pregnancy, physically and emotionally? 
How will my body change at each stage? 
What preparation do I need to do? 
How careful do I need to be? 
Will I be able to cope?

Even though millions have been down this road before you, it’s all new to you. You’ll get advice left, right and center, some of it conflicting. How do you know what’s right for you?

This First Time Mom’s course is written specially for you. It opens up the big, exciting and often scary world of pregnancy and early parenthood and lays it all bare. We clearly and simply give you the low down on all the typical queries and questions new Moms have.


Course Modules:

Module 1: Preparing for a baby
  • Pre-pregnancy diet and nutrient advice
  • Weight management before conception
  • Best pre-pregnancy exercises
  • What to avoid when trying to conceive
  • Reading your natural fertility signals
  • Keeping calm and positive
  • Keep sex sexy during fertility treatment
  • Is it possible to plan the sex of my baby?
Module 2: Early pregnancy
  • 1st trimester body changes
  • What’s normal and when to look for help
  • Dealing with morning sickness.
  • What to eat and avoid for you and baby
  • Maximize these nutrients
Module 3: You need pampering
  • Skincare during pregnancy
  • Hair - during and after pregnancy
  • Ease & minimize back pain
  • Cool your heartburn
  • Constipated?
Module 4: Exercise during pregnancy
  • Ideal exercises for all stages of pregnancy
  • Can I continue working out & playing sports?
  • Simple home stretches to relieve tension
  • Taming the post baby tum
Module 5: Mind and body health
  • Yoga during pregnancy
  • Pilates during pregnancy
  • Walking and swimming
  • Massage
Module 6: Keeping in tip top form
  • Including dad and staying close
  • Approaching parenthood on your own
  • Sex during pregnancy
  • Dealing with stress & worry
  • Easy ways to superfood your diet
  • Tips for pregnancy weight watching
Module 7: Get comfortable
  • Sleep tips as baby grows
  • Loving your pregnant body
  • How your brain changes in pregnancy
  • Expecting twins!
Module 8: Planning for the big event
  • Choosing a prenatal class
  • Getting comfortable with contractions
  • Preparing for labor and birthing
  • Thinking about breastfeeding
  • Pets and newborns
  • Will you need help?
Module 9: Important pre-birth considerations
  • Work your Kegel muscles & why you should
  • Preparing for a natural childbirth
  • What about an epidural?
  • Should I save my placenta?
  • Can I choose against episiotomy?
Module 10: Almost there
  • Last month of pregnancy essential tips
  • Preparing a nursery
  • Packing your hospital bag
  • I’m past my due date!
Module 11: Bliss and challenges of new motherhood
  • Bonding with baby (or not)
  • Body changes after pregnancy – what’s normal?
  • Recovering from a caesarian delivery
  • When will my menstruation cycle return to normal?
  • Weight and toning – a mom-friendly approach
  • Sex and intimacy post delivery
Module 12: New born baby care
  • Breast or bottle?
  • Diapers – disposable or cloth?
  • Skincare and diaper rash
  • Should my baby sleep with me?
  • Should I let him ‘cry it out’?
Module 13: Breastfeeding
  • Top tips for a happy baby and comfortable Mom
  • Do I need a lactation consultant?
  • How long should each session last?
  • The feeding/supply balance
  • Best diet while breastfeeding
  • Pumping and storing
  • Feeding in public


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