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About the course

The Sign Language Diploma is broken down into twenty five information packed modules. Each module provides you with the knowledge, skill and information you need when learning British Sign Language.

What you can expect to learn when completing this diploma:

  • Introduction to British Sign Language – learn where it is used, how people learn this language and so much more in this introductory module.
  • Sign language around the world – learn about the different types of sign language used in various countries around the world, identify alternative sign language options.
  • Deaf awareness – this module will teach you what deaf awareness means and to understand the different degrees of hearing impairment.
  • Job and Career Opportunities – knowing sign language can open up a number of doors for you on a professional level. This module will give you information on how you can use BSL and how to help and support the deaf community.
  • Kids and Sign Language – this very important module will help you identify the best time to teach children sign language, the benefits of hearing children learning this language and why special needs children can benefit from BSL.
  • British Sign Language Basics – you will learn how BSL differs from English and the different dialects that are used. This module will also provide you with information on how to start a conversation using sign language.
  • Before you Begin – in this module you will learn how facial expression is used in BSL and what hand shapes you are going to need to communicate effectively with those with hearing loss.
  • Learn to sign common words – you will learn the most commonly used words in sign language. This module includes access to more than ten instructional videos to help you achieve your goal and communicate effectively using BSL.
  • Learn to sign numbers and the alphabet – learn to sign numbers from one to one million, learn how to sign the alphabet and take advantage of nine informative videos, so you know you are doing them right.
  • Learn to sign family and people – this module is going to teach you how to effectively sign words that are associated with family and people, such as “you”, “me” and “nephew”, for example. You will have full access to twenty eight videos with this module.
  • Sign questions – this module will help you sign questions that you may want to ask by using words that form a question, such as “what” or “who”. You will have access to six detailed videos during this module.
  • Signing school – in this module you will learn how to sign words associated with education, complete with sixteen informative videos.
  • Learn to sign home – you will learn the most commonly used words to do with the home. You will enjoy the convenience of the seven videos that are available with this module.
  • Learn to sign time – signing time can be quite tricky, but with the twenty one detailed videos that come with this module, you will be able to pick this up quickly and effectively.
  • Food and drink – learn how to sign words associated with food and drink. This module comes with thirty five detailed videos.
  • Descriptions and colours – this module is going to help you sign the most commonly used descriptions and colours in BSL. You will have access to a number of videos to help you with your sign language skills moving forward.
  • Phrases – learning to sign the most common phrases will help you start using your BSL as soon as possible.
  • Animals, sports, transport, money and more – there are a number of modules that cover the basics associated with BSL and will help you to communicate effectively at all times with those who have hearing loss.

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