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In this Customer Service Level 3 qualification you will study the most important requirements for those looking at working for a business which works closely with clients. This Customer Service Level 3 qualification is designed to assist those who will work closely with clients to ensure the service they provide to their clients is superior to competition. The most important thing that learners will need to understand and appreciate is the necessity of quality customer service. In a world of modern technology, the requirements and the structure of customer service has altered. This Customer Service Level 3 course takes students through the steps towards creating an exceptional customer service within a variety of businesses.

Unit 1

Customer service is an incredibly important aspect of any business and it is important to be able to work closely with different customers to provide a good service. In order to do this you will first need to understand exactly what customer service is and what providing this service entails.

This unit will cover the general idea of customer service and how employees can work within rules and regulations to provide client care. These rules and regulations change between various industries and will differ from time to time and it is important that you can understand how your service influence a company’s relations with clients.

Unit 2

Delivering great customer service relies on many different things. There are lots of abilities that are needed to provide good customer service and one of the most important is the ability to communicate with customers. Each person’s needs are different and being able to effectively recognise and adapt your approach to suit a client is the best way to giving customer support which is tailored to their individual needs.

This unit will explore what you can work on with customers and how to pick up on their demeanour to change your approach and better suit the situation.

Unit 3

This unit will focus on the need for a rapport between a customer and a service representative so that mutual understandings are in place. We will look at the way in which you can nurture relationships with your clients from the very first meeting with the help of a strong first impression and move on to establishing relationships over the long term.

Unit 4

All customer service providers will deal with questions and queries from customers. As the face of the business you will be responsible for helping customers to make the right choices and deal with any issues they may have. This is part of a daily routine of the customer representative and you should know how to work with clients and deal with anything they can throw at you.

This unit of the customer service level 3 course will focus on how you can approach your role and tackle any questions, issues and problems that customers may have with the service that is provided to them.

Unit 5

Having a good relationship with customers is key to being able to provide a quality service and give people what they want. In this unit of the course we will look at how you can work to provide quality customer service to your clients and develop strong working relations. Having good relations with customers will ensure that they are retained and will continue to work with your company for many years to come.

Unit 6

In this final unit we will be exploring ways of creating a customer-orientated culture within an organisation as well as generating sales. These are both vitally important in any organisation and you will need to be able to work closely with consumers looking to purchase goods and services to give them support whilst buying. This should not take away from the customer service which you are looking to provide and you must be able to carefully balance the two concepts for the benefit of your business.


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