Counselling Children and Young People Level 3

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This qualification in Counselling Children and Young People teaches students vital techniques to enable them to work with young people struggling through psychological barriers. This Counselling Children and Young People Level 3 course gives students an insight into the intriguing and complex science that is psychology. This course focuses on psychology with a particular emphasis on children and young people. The course will help students to advance in their knowledge and ability to work with young people as a child psychologist. Students on this Counselling Children and Young People course will cover a broad range of units from Child Development to Child Abuse. Students will also discover how to help children suffering from grief or bereavement and how to build positive Counsellor/Client Relationships.

Unit 1: The Counsellor/Client Relationship

The relationship between the Counsellor and the Client

Listening skills required for effective counselling

Methods of communication

Barriers to communication

The cycle of effective communication

Building rapport

The vocabulary of counsellors

The initial interview

The specific goals for counselling

Unit 2: Counselling Skills

Observing and assessing the client

Sharing experiences

The emotions of children and young people

Exploring fears and phobias

Systematic desensitisation

Play therapy

Unit 3: Child Development

The emotional and social development of children and young people

Theory of mind

Family structures

Dysfunctional families

Antenatal, perinatal and postnatal


Breakdown of relationships/marriages




Health problems

Lack of stimulation

Learning difficulties

Loss or bereavement

Sensory impairment


Unit 4: Bullying

The definition of bullying

What is feels like to be bullied

The victim

The signs of bullying

The bully

Unit 5: Child Abuse

Physical abuse

Sexual abuse

Emotional abuse


Helping children and young people to protect themselves against abuse

Abuse of children with disabilities

Unit 6: Grief and Bereavement

Grief and bereavement



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