Diet and Nutrition for Children Level 3

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Within this deeply essential subject you will discover how failing to meet a child’s nutritional needs impacts the various developmental stages of a child; alongside how it affects a child’s progress. This Diet and Nutrition for Children Level 3 qualification teaches how adults can promote healthy eating to ensure children willingly meet the nutritional guidelines put in place to support their growth and development.

By studying this Diet and Nutrition for Children Level 3 qualification you will be further developing your knowledge of the nutritional requirements of children and young people. This course will cover how these requirements change as a child develops. Promoting good dietary and health habits is essential to aid supporting learning and development; as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle which lowers the risk of future health problems. This Level 3 course will give you an insight into providing the appropriate nutritional requirements for children.

The units cover all aspects of diet and nutrition and will help you to understand the importance of providing healthy meals and snacks whilst understanding the issues faced when deciding on meals to plan.

The course also explores the digestive system in detail and identifies key nutrients and vitamins essential for a healthy diet.

Food labels contain a wealth of information and this is looked at closely in unit five when issues surrounding misleading information is explored.

Finally, in unit six we look at special dietary needs and identify reasons why some people make specific choices with regard to their diet.

This course is assessed through tutor marked assignments which must be sent to your tutor for marking. You will then be provided with feedback and a mark on your work from your tutor within 5 days. After each assignment has been sent off and marked as complete you will have passed the qualification and will receive your certification.


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