CACHE Level 3 Certificate in Working in the Health Sector

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The CACHE Level 3 Certificate in Working in the Health Sector is perfect for people who are looking to start working in, or are already associated with, the NHS or any other healthcare organisation. Within the course students gain the knowledge required to work in a variety of healthcare settings as well as the skills required to assess and develop their own knowledge throughout a career in health care.

This course is designed to facilitate entry into the NHS and is targeted at people working in a variety of roles including nurses, healthcare assistants, emergency care assistants, hospital porters and those working in mental health.

Study time:    110 hours
Enrolment length:    12 months
Course format:    Paper based pack
Assignments:    6 written tasks
Entry requirements:    None specific
Unit 1: Communication skills for working in the Health Sector

Communication is vital for working in many sectors but it is especially important in the health sector. Having the ability to manage information and work harmoniously with colleagues is extremely important for anyone that works in this type of environment. In this first unit we will explore the need for strong communication at all times in the health sector and the ways of improving lines of communication. This will enable you to work in a way that is effective, with those under your care at the center of all that you do.

Unit 2: People and personal development in the health sector

This unit will explore personal development methods in the health sector. Continually updating and improving your skills is essential for providing quality care to people that you work with so this is a very important part of the course. We will look at how you can identify areas to improve your knowledge and skills as well as produce personal development plan whish will be invaluable in your later career.

Unit 3: Maintaining quality standards in the health sector

There are many different policies and procedures that must be following when working in healthcare. In this unit we will look at various legislation that must be understood as well as ways that you can maintain quality standards whilst working within these guidelines.

Unit 4: Service improvement in the health sector

Continuous improvement is the key to all good practice with healthcare being no different. Throughout this unit we will work to understand how service can be improved in the health sector and different methods of maintaining quality. Evaluating your own practice and that of others plays an important role in this process so we will look at different ways of benchmarking and analysing performance as well.

Unit 5: Equality and diversity in the health sector

When working in the health sector you will encounter people from all walks of life that need to work together in order to provide a quality service. Throughout this unit we will look at the many benefits of diversity and how to respect and support differences within a team.

Unit 6: Health, safety and security in the health sector

Keeping patients safe is the first job of anyone working in the health sector. However, you must also be able to consider the health and safety of others around you and anyone that enters the setting that you work in. throughout this unit we will look at ways to manage and reduce possible risks as well as reporting any incidents that do occur.


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