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Studying for this Child Psychology Level 3 course will give you a great insight into how a child’s mind works and develops into their teenage years. The course is perfect for those working with children in many different positions including counsellors, therapists and childcare practitioners.

Study Time:    100 hours
Enrolment length:    12 months
Course Format:    Online
Entry Requirements:    None Specific

Upon completion of this qualification students are awarded an ABC Awards certificate and an OLC Diploma. All certification fees are included in your course fees.


To gain this Child Psychology Level 3 qualification you will need to submit, and pass, all of the tutor marked assignments. There are six assignments in the course and no need to purchase any textbooks as we provide all of the lessons and materials required to learn the syllabus.

All assignments are coursework based and are in an essay/question and answer style to test your knowledge of the topics covered in each of the course sections.


All of our students are given access to our online campus through their own personal login and password. Once logged in you can access your course materials, lessons, resources and assignments in your own time. Assignments are uploaded through your account and the process is easy intuitive. Our online campus includes:

  • 24/7/365 access to all of your course materials- all lessons, assignments and resources are available from the moment you enrol
  • Instant access to your course after you enrol- start studying immediately!
  • Integrated chat and messaging systems so that you can contact your tutor
  • Online assignment uploads to save time in returning marks and feedback.
  • Links to further resources and information available on courses
  • Self-led learning on all courses- study in your own time and work through your assignments at your own pace
  • Safe e-portfolio of your work is kept under lock and key on our secure servers
  • Progress bar to show the work you have completed and how many tasks you still have to complete on your course
  • Detailed help centre with step-by-step instructions on getting the most from your course and how to upload assignments and contact your tutor

Enrolment Length

All of our courses are allocated plenty of time for students to complete their studies and all materials are self-led so that you can complete the course at your own pace. Should you require additional time on one of our courses you can extend your enrolment by 30 days for an additional fee of £60.

As well as this we operate a 14 day money back guarantee on every one of our qualifications- that’s how confident we are of how you will love studying with us!

This course covers:

Unit 1: How Can We Define Childhood?

  • Understand the principles of child hood
  • Identify past methods of childcare
  • Understand what has changed in the way we understand children
  • Identify Psychological theories
  • Understand changes brought my study

Unit 2: Forming Relationships in Childhood

  • Understand the principles of attachment
  • Identify key points of the nature/nurture debate
  • Understand different types of attachment
  • Recognise ways attachment can be disrupted
  • Understand how important a child’s first relationship is

Unit 3: Perception, Cognition and Language

  • The basics of language
  • The Relevance of Language to Child Psychology
  • The difference in an adult’s and child’s perception
  • Piaget
  • The importance of socialisation

Unit 4: Emotional, Social and Moral Development

  • Social Learning Theory
  • Cognitive Priming
  • Kohlberg’s Perspective
  • Eisenberg’s Perspective
  • Emotion and Morality
  • Temperament and Emotional Development

Unit 5: A Child’s Mind

  • Memory and Memory Processes
  • Short-Term Memory
  • Long-Term Memory
  • Prenatal Memory and Learning
  • From Memory to Mental Activity
  • The Organisation of Children’s Minds
  • How Children View Others in Their World
  • How Does All This Relate to Child Psychology?

Unit 6: Moving Towards Adulthood

  • Adolescence
  • Development
  • Change

This course can be taken over a 12 month period but you can complete it as fast or as slowly as you wish.


The most important tool that all of our students have at their disposal is their tutor. When studying for a course with us you are assigned a personal tutor with indepth knowledge and experience in your chosen subject.

You are strongly advised to make use of your tutors expertise and ask questions about the course content. Your assignments are marked by your personal tutor and detailed feedback is given. As well as this your tutor will provide you with pointers and advice on where you can improve- this helps you to get the most from your courses and constantly improve your skills.


To pass this course learners must pass 6 assignments. These are completed after navigating through the corresponding lessons and writing your answers to assignment questions. Once these have been read and marked by your personal tutor, feedback and marks are provided to students which contain helpful tips to improve work in future assignments.


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