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What if Windows apps and desktops could follow people? Everywhere—to all their devices, seamlessly and securely. With Citrix XenDesktop they do. Only XenDesktop with FlexCast technology allows IT to build a virtual desktop infrastructure that goes beyond simple VDI to address a broad range of use cases and deliver the right desktop and apps to the right user at the right time.


Module 1 Introduction To Virtualization

1.1 Instructor and CourseIntro

1.2 Intro To Virtualization ­Part1

1.3 Virtualization_Demo­ Part1

1.4 Virtualization_Demo­ Part2

1.5 Intro To Virtualization ­Part2

Module 2 Introduction To Desktop Virtualization

2.1 Into To Desktop Virtualization

Module 3 XenDesktop 7.6 Requirements and Implementations

3.1 IntroTo XenDesktop Concepts And Components

3.2 Citrix XenDesktop Implementations ­Part1

3.3 Citrix XenDesktop Implementations­ Part2

Module 4 Plan and Design XenDesktop Infrastructure

4.1 Intro To Plan And Design­ Part1

4.2 Intro To Plan And Design­ Part2

4.3 Active Directory Permissions_Demo

4.4 Customize The Desktop_Demo

4.5 Customize Environment_Demo

4.6 Folder Redirection_Demo

4.7 Custom Scripts_Demo

4.8 Dynamic VM_Demo

4.9 Network Design Considerations

4.10 VM From Scratch_Demo

4.11 Access And Optimize

4.12 Cloud Considerations_Demo

4.13 Design Monitoring

Module 05 Data And Network Redundancy

5.1 Intro To Network Redundancy

5.2 Intro To Data Redundancy

5.3 VM Availability_Demo­Part1

5.4 VM Availability_Demo­Part2

5.5 VM Availability_Demo­Part3

5.6 Linux VM And Citrix Site Configuration_Demo

Module 06 Automating Using Powershell

6.1 Intro To Powershell­ Part1

6.2 Intro To Powershell­ Part2

6.3 Powershell Scripting_Demo

6.4 Creating Functions In Powershell

Module 07 Virtualizing Using Hyper­V

7.1 Introduction To Hyper­V Installtion

7.2 Introduction To Hyper­V VM Build

7.3 Automating Admin In Hyper­V

Module 08 Build Test And Deploy VM To Xen Desktop

8.1 Customize Client OS_Demo

8.2 Customize User Profiles_Demo

8.3 Installing XenDesktop Client Components For Pooled Desktops_Demo

8.4 Installing XenDesktop Client Components For Remote Desktops_Demo

8.5 Deploy XenDesktop Client After VDAInstall_Demo

8.6 Test Client Deployment_Demo

Module 09 Internet Information Services

9.1 Intro And Install Of Information Services­ Part1

9.2 Intro And Install Of Information Services­ Part2

9.3 Creating Websites And Managing Application Pools

9.4 Backup And Restore WebServer

Module 10 Course Review

10.1 Active Directory Domain

10.2 Windows Permissions And Configurations

10.3 Configure Citrix Studio

10.4 Failover Cluster_Demo­ Part1

10.5 Failover Cluster_Demo­ Part2

10.6 Citrix Authentication And Troubleshooting

10.7 Citrix Techinical Overview

10.8 SQL Server Database Overview_Demo

10.9 SQL Server DBA Tasks

10.10 CourseOutro


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