About Arcadia

Whether you’re multi-tasking in one of our 2,500 stores or working in one of our fashionable and fast-paced head offices, we guarantee you’ll relish the thrill of being at the centre of a business devoted to bringing our customers the best and most inspirational fashion on the high street.


With our Brand Head Offices and Group Operations across several sites in London and Leeds (where the original Burton Factory was based), our working environment carries a lot of history.

Our main Head Office, Colegrave House was once a department store and our marble entrance hall remains an original feature. The offices are informal and open plan, filled with hard working, enthusiastic people whose diverse skill sets and career paths characterise the business as a whole.

So with five Head Office locations, busy trading floors, four staff restaurants and Group events, there are many places for our staff to mingle.


Our flagship stores really are the envy of the retail world. Providing the perfect setting for our fantastic fashion collections, they’re constantly being upgraded and improved to reflect the very latest in retail design. We think you’ll agree that part of the excitement of working in our stores is the creative and innovative ways we display our products and with constant newness being added to our ranges there's always something exciting to look forward to.

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