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05 Feb 2018
15 Feb 2018

Want to work for yourself?

We have an opportunity for you to start trading in the Forex markets ­ We¹ll give you the tools to start earning a second income instantly. Within six months, you could be working as your own boss.

You don¹t need any financial knowledge, investment background, or a head for numbers The course will show you how to evaluate companies, read the markets, spot trends, and when certain strategies should be used.

You will learn the following:

Spot money-making opportunities in the realm of Forex markets. One past attendee made £9,940 Tax-free in their first week.

Build a concrete and reliable source of income using recession-proof strategies for currencies that go up or down.

Quickly identify the direction the market¹s price is headed and protect more than 98 per cent of your trading fund.

Master the golden investment rules to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Use the Forex Market to pay for an early retirement So, if you want to earn extra income part-time, or want to work from home full-time, then come along and start your new career in the Forex Market.

We hold workshops across the UK, but spaces are limited, so click apply,and you will go through to our information page in your local area.

Please note, you must be 18 years old or over to apply. Initial training is free. If you choose to follow up this training, costs are involved. Once complete, you can start to trade on a self-employed basis.

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